LIVE PATINA started out as an accumulation of disconnected lifestyle choices. The inspiration behind LP came about as we saw how these different choices would be applicable to many other people. We wanted to bring not only our knowledge but also knowledge from our community to provide tips on wardrobe and lifestyle.

We have core fundamentals that we have embraced which you will see throughout our posts.

Frugality, Style, & Value

Here at LP, we feel that with everything we do in life, we are striving to improve ourselves, whether personally or professionally. Here we aim to take pride in developing our personal character. We want to share what we have found and how we can enrich our own lives and the lives of our community.

We chose the term Patina, as it means something accumulated or established over time that has grown great character with age. We see ourselves as individuals that patina as well.

“We build character, we build personality, we build ourselves. Live Patina.”