In Review: Sloane Men – “The Invisible Undershirt”

Let’s talk undershirts. Many of us wear undershirts for a variety of reasons. We wear them to protect our outer shirt from sweat and odors, having something comfortable underneath our less comfortable dress shirts, to another layer of warmth or ventilation. For all of these reasons, having a solid undershirt that does what it’s supposed to do in all of these categories can be hard to find. Many typical undershirts fit too loose or are uncomfortable. More commonly, they show through our outer shirt that truly ruins an outfit and more importantly look untidy and unprofessional.

Disclaimer: I was sent a shirt by the folks over at Sloane Men for the purpose of trying out their shirt and giving an unbiased review. This is my own opinion and my own thoughts on the product.

The folks at Sloane Men sent over their signature “Invisible Undershirt”. The shirt comes in 3 colors, Sand, Scotch, & Smoke, each of which help cover most skin gradients. I chose the Sand which I figured would match my lighter complexion the best and sure enough it was a good match. They do also offer their shirt for those who prefer the same style and quality in White as well. They do skin tone matching to help alleviate that stark contrasting undershirt look by blending in as closely as possible to your natural skin tone.


The shirt itself boasts 95% micro modal and 5% spandex. Modal is a synthetic material that is extremely soft, lightweight, and breathable. Spandex as most know has great elastic properties. Pair these two together and you have an extremely soft and comfortable shirt. The cut and stitching of the shirt is consistent and even throughout. The collar and the hem seem like they will hold up quite well. In terms of comfort, the shirt is extremely soft and hugs the body without being restricting. You definitely have your range of movement thanks to the spandex and modal.

Cut & Fit:
The shirt is very fitting and hugs the body. The benefits of having a close fit in comparison to traditional undershirts is that it prevents that billowing look and the excessive fabric drape. One tip that I noticed initially is that the shirt fits small so make sure to size up. The shirt will fit snug similar to your tech or dry fit style athletic wear.

The v-neck cut on this shirt is perfect. Not too low, not too high. If you wear a tie or button your shirts up all of the way, you’re already concealed. If you prefer to have a more casual look with the top button unbuttoned you will never see the shirt. One thing that makes this shirt stand out is the fact that it was so comfortable. I genuinely forgot I had it on partway through the day. I never had to adjust it and felt like I didn’t even have it on. No restriction, no discomfort, no readjustment.

When worn under white dress shirts, typically you’ll see the edges of your undershirt distinctively, but with this one from Sloane Men, I find that issue is resolved.

Final Remarks:
I’ll post an update to see how the shirt holds up after a few washes and more consistent wear. The shirt itself is definitely something I’d invest into and be a great replacement to my standard undershirts.  I’ll definitely be interested in seeing how well this shirt wicks away moisture during warmer seasons and post back my findings.

Let us know what you think!