The Timex Weekender At An All Time Low!

To anyone that is looking for a classic simple watch without all of the extra frills, here’s a great deal for you. The Timex Weekender is available on Amazon now at 50% off with the code “TIMEXGIFT”. Make sure you take advantage of this while it lasts! The Timex Weekender is a very simplistic and minimalistic watch and that’s what we love about it. If you are new into watches this is a great starter watch. Highly reviewed by many for its affordability and simplicity, the Timex Weekender is a great addition to anyone’s collection. There are several options available so feel free to find what works best for you.  This is a great piece for folks looking into adding some more accessories to their collection. It’s a low risk, high reward watch in our opinion. The Timex provides a lot of value for very little dollar.

Some quick specs on the Timex Weekender:

  • Quartz movement with easy to red analog display
  • Nylon Band
  • Water Resistant to 99 feet or 30 meters
  • 38mm case

Here are a few color combinations you may like:

$13 Blue/Yellow Weekender

$16 Blue/Grey Weekender

$15 Black Weekender

All in all this is a great price for a great watch. The Timex Weekender is well reviewed, functional, and classic. If you want to a change from the simple look, take a look at some NATO straps which can be had for fairly reasonable prices nowadays. Add some color and make your watch look completely different. Make sure to add this Timex to your wardrobe!

Let us know what you think!