In Review: Clarks Bushacre 2

Today, we’ll take a look at easily one of the most classic and well known boots, the Clarks Bushacre 2 (boo-shaker) in Beeswax. The Bushacre 2 mimics very closely the chukka silhouette of the Clarks Desert Boot (commonly referred to as the CDB). The primary difference between the notoriously famous Desert Boots and the Bushacre 2 is the sole. The CDB’s┬ácome with a crepe sole, where as the Bushacre 2 comes with a rubber sole. Many recommend the rubber sole of the Bushacre 2 for grip especially in wet surfaces.

IMG_8311 (3)

Upon a first glance, the shoes look immaculate. The upper is a beautifully rich full grain leather with a lot of depth to the leather right out of the box. There are a few minor deviations within the leather, but not too worry, these will eventually develop a beautiful patina, so a little wear and tear will just add to the leather’s existing condition. Stitching is consistent throughout the upper and into the welt. 4 metal eyelets add to the classic styling of the chukka boot. The insole has the very soft almost velvety suede lining and is very comfortable straight out of the box.

IMG_8325 (2)

One major tip is to size down on both the Clarks Bushacre 2 and Desert Boots! Many recommend 1/2 size down is sufficient as these run a little big. I took this advice when I ordered my own pair and they fit spot on. Pair these with a denim jacket and some sunglasses and dress up your outfit while still maintaining a casual look.

IMG_8404 (2)

One of the reason we consider this such a staple shoe is the value you get. Not only are these boots in the sub-$100 range, but they are full grain leather AND resoleable meaning once you wear down the sole, you can have them serviced and replaced. With this combination and the many deals you can find, it’s easy to say that these boots not only look amazing, but they’ll be able to last you quite a long time.


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