2015 New Years Resolutions (and more…)!

2015 is here now! We all know that this is the time we hear bout 2015 New Years Resolutions. We can recollect what we accomplished in past year, but more importantly, what we can begin striving for the upcoming year ahead of us. Instead of just making New Years Resolutions on what we will do that is new, let us continue adding to what we have done well in addition to doing things that will improve ourselves.


1. Plan. Aim to make worthwhile decisions by planning ahead so that we can gain the most value while being the least wasteful. By thinking about the future we can all succeed and achieve our long term goals by opening up our opportunities. Think ahead, plan ahead, and be ahead.

2. Educate and research. Learn and research for our lifestyles so that we can achieve what we strive for. Being knowledgeable will allow you the ability to make the best decisions when it comes to frugality.


1. Learn and share. Utilize our shared knowledge to build our style individually. Each person can learn and build their own style. Learn what is available to you and what you can do to make it unique. The more you know, the more options you have.

2. Take risks. Find your individuality and take risks to push yourself. Trying something unexpected or something we are uncertain of is often times what takes us to our next level. Overcome outside opinions and find what you feel works best for you.


1. Decide for yourself. Find what you personally value and stick to it. If it changes, that is okay as long as you know it is valuable to you. Make decisions and plan for what you find value in, not what someone else does.

2. Understand what you value. Take time to evaluate what matters to you and why it matters. If it is a simple as something you simply like, then you have understood your level of value.

Compliment and blend these suggestions and find out how this year, you can progress. New Years Resolutions often fail because people are focused on only trying to resolve new things. Why not remember what we were doing so well before and continue to add to those? Determine the lifestyle you want to lead and work towards that. Find what want and work for that. If it is to save up for a new house or to reorganize your finances, to finding value in humanitarian work or learning how to dress yourself. Whatever it may be, understand it and know that it is what matters the most to you and go get it.

Let us know what other tips we should consider for this 2015 year below!

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